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Corporate Wellness Programs

Live 2 Be Well Exercise Physiologists have developed a Corporate Health Programs for organizations in Sydney.

Live 2 Be Well offer a variety of corporate health services and our programs can be tailored to your organizations requirements.

At Live 2 Be Well we ensure our programs have measurable outcomes and targets in order to demonstrate the value add and return on investment to your business. We provide the following services to companies in the Sydney region.

  • Health Assessments
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Exercise Physiology consults
  • Health and Wellbeing Seminars
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Workstation set up workshops
  • Manual handling workshops
  • Stand Up Australia Desking Programs

Contact us today for a free consultation to assess your current business needs and develop a strategy to help improve your employee’s health and productivity levels at work.

Research has shown that implementing a strategic and well planned comprehensive wellness program within an organization over a 12-24 month period can make a significant difference in the following 6 points below:

  1. Improve employee productivity and work performance
       Healthy employees have been estimated to be 3x more productive than unhealthy employees- (Medibank Private Ltd, The Cost of Workplace Stress, 2008.)
  2. Reduces sick leave, absenteeism and staff turnover
        An average improvement of 30-40% in sickness rates and 20-25% improvement in attrition rates in companies that introduce a workplace wellness program (Price Waterhouse Coopers, Building the case for wellness, 2008)
  3. Decreases the frequency/ duration of claims and cost of workers compensation premiums

  4. Improve staff morale, satisfaction and motivation
       Happy  and Well employees are 180% more energized, 108% more engaged, 50% more motivated, achieve goals 30% more and contribute 25% more (Jessica Pryce-Jones, Happiness at Work, Maximizing your Psychological Capital for Success, 2010) 
  6. Improve corporate image and attraction and retention of staff

  7. Improve employee engagement and relationships.




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What our happy customers say


Peter Oakman CGU state manager NSW

CGU has held a number of fitness initiatives for clients over the past 4 years and the latest initiative has been our most successful to date.

The CGU Fitness Challenge was a great success due to the experience and personality of the trainers, the organisation of each weeks activities and most importantly the communication and engagement that the trainers had with CGU staff and our clients throughout the 10 weeks, ensuring participation each week.

Sandy Sher from Live 2 Be Well was responsible for the coordination of each weeks activities and importantly the communication - providing a weekly newsletter to keep all participants informed and educated on fitness & health.

 I would recommend Sandy Sher for similar events, activities.


Matt Coleman- Australian Brokers Risk and Insurance Brokers – Managing Director

"Great Initiative and while the challenge involved hard work, it was very rewarding.

Congratulations & thanks to the staff. They were all very courteous and helpful, whilst still ensuring that we were pushing yourselves during the drills.

Finally it was also nice to utilise a gym that was not pretentious and did not make you feel uncomfortable attending."


Rachel Smith- CGU Executive Assistant

My work started the 10 week fitness challenge, with Sandy and the team from Corporate Fight Gym, in August 2013. We saw it as a different way to bond as a team and build relationships with our clients. It ended up being that and so much more.

For me, it wasn’t until I started training with Sandy, that I really started to feel like I was gaining control of my fitness and dietary habits. Every week she would send out a newsletter for the challenge, that outlined different healthy eating tips, exercise regimes etc that helped to further my knowledge in healthy living. In the gym, she opened me up to new techniques and exercises that I’d never done before. She was always very approachable and beyond helpful with any questions I had. Not only did I enjoy program, but so did our clients who participated, with most experiencing positive improvements. We are already talking about when we are going to do it again.

Sara Whiteway- Marsh Insurance Broker

Great sessions! Really good trainers! Awesome way to get to know other people.

Rebecca Haines- Watkins Taylor Stone Brokers

I loved the whole thing, the sessions were challenging, the trainers were fantastic and the gym was great!!

Anthony Scott –Watkins Taylor Stone Brokers Managing Director

I thought everything was very good. Always grateful for the opportunity to participate and CGU should be congratulated for this initiative.

Justin Hildage

Email received 09/05/13

I participated as part of the 12 week Corporate Fighter program to learn how to box in my first boxing match April 2013. Despite being a previously qualified Exercise Physiologist, I found I just couldn’t get my training right with being focussed on losing weight whilst trying to maintain a good level of performance. I was also focussed on the wrong types of training for boxing and heavily overtraining to make weight. I was spending large amounts of time cycling and running on longer endurance type training. An inappropriate diet and nutritional plan meant I was not fuelling appropriately and I became quite ill and unable to train.

I had a training, nutrition and body composition session with Sandy who changed my whole diet and training program. I dropped the endurance training and focussed only on high intensity sessions. I changed my diet to include more fruit, pulses and food which is easy to break down. I also reduced portion sizes without reducing fuel intake which meant I still had enough energy to train without piling on weight or getting ill.

I dropped a total of 16kg’s over the 12 week period and managed to last the full 3 rounds of the fight uninjured which wouldn’t have been possible if I had not had the advice Sandy provided. Thoroughly recommended - Many thanks.


Luke Wilson

Emailed received 26 July 2013

When I signed up for Corporate Fighter I also signed up for with Sandy from Live 2 Be Well, for a health assessment, nutritional and exercise advice.

Having the health assessment at the beginning and end of the programme was a great way of tracking my progress and goals. Sandy’s advice was based on a holistic approach. She provided me with some very good background information on nutrition but most importantly asked a lot of questions about my then current exercise and eating regime. Sandy provided me with suggestions about how I could improve my health and exercise performance by changing both what I was eating but importantly when I was eating certain types of food. As a result I feel I was well armed for the programme ahead and managed to maintain energy levels while seeing some significant changes to my body and overall health.

Thanks for all of the help and advice Sandy!!

Luke reduced his body fat by 4.2% , reduced his waist measurement by 8cm and increased his muscle mass by 2.7% in 10 weeks.


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