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Did you know there is a big difference in qualification between an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and a Cert IV Personal Trainer?

A Cert IV personal training course is usually between 8-12 weeks in length and often completed online.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist undertakes a 4 year university degree in health science field to be qualified. We are provided with extensive training in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and management of individuals with chronic disease and musculo-skeletal injuries.

Live 2 Be Well Exercise Physiologist specialises in assisting people improve their health, fitness, and making healthier lifestyle changes through education and the application of health and fitness tools. We provide one on one personal training services at either our private studio in Randwick, Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction or outdoors at your local park.

Live 2 Be Well Exercise Physiologists will tailor the program to suit your individual needs and make it specific to your health requirements and lifestyle. We focus on assisting individuals work towards their health and fitness goals, ensuring their progression is gradual, safe and motivational.

Our Exercise Physiologists will take into account pre-existing injuries and conditions to assist you achieve the best outcome for your health and fitness goals.

We can assist you with

  • Weight loss and management
  • Increasing Lean muscle mass
  • Resistance training including working with weights, resistance bands and kettlebells
  • Cardiovascular training including boxing, kickboxing, interval training and more
  • Sports specific training programs
  • Nutritional and wellbeing guidance advice

Live 2 Be Well takes a holistic approach to achieving optimal wellbeing for our clients. The by-product of this achievement include weight loss, looking good, a healthier immune system, more energy and an overall general improvement in health and fitness.

*We can also offer small group fitness training sessions including boxing, kickboxing, functional strength and conditioning core stability and endurance, Pilates, cardio training and more.





  • Female; aged 40+
  • Diagnosed with low bone density
  • Generally weak and deconditioned
  • Struggling to get back into a regular exercise program
  • Wanting to lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Living with a chronic injury or condition and don’t know how to start

If you tick most of the following boxes above then this program is for you

Challenges for women over 40

I’m sure many of you have been through the frustrating experience of feeling mother nature’s ageing process take a toll on your body – losing muscle mass can reduce strength, and a changing metabolism makes it harder to maintain your weight. Other changes such as lower bone density and trouble with balance are also very common! Changing hormone levels as we move closer to menopause can also impact you in many ways.

So many clients come into our practice describing problems with strength, stability, balance and endurance, even when it comes to completing everyday tasks. They struggle to lose body fat despite exercising regularly. They feel like they don’t have enough time to fit enough exercise into their week to get the results they want. Or maybe they’ve fallen into a pattern of overtraining and end up exhausted or injured!

Everyone has a different experience – but they all know it’s time for a change.

The Solution

Who’s ready to learn a new approach to exercise??

A lot of women tend to focus too heavily on cardio exercise and feel nervous about trying resistance training because they’ve never been taught how to do it. But did you know incorporating things like squatting, pulling, pushing, lifting and lunging are crucial for your health?

Progressive resistance training is an effective way to combat the ageing process, helping you stay strong, feel great, and get the most out of life! Along with the right diet, resistance-based training will also speed up your metabolism and help you lose fat in a healthy, sustainable way.

Training smarter and more effectively is the key, and that’s why we have developed a 8 week strength training program designed specifically for women over 40.

We currently run small group strength training programs specifically for women over 40 at Queens Park.  

Private health and Medicare rebates may apply.

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What our some of our customers have to say


Grace Titioka

"I had always considered myself as a pretty fit and healthy person, even though I went to the gym 4 - 5 times a week and I thought my diet was reasonably good I could never understand why there were no changes to my body and the extra kilos that I had put on whilst living overseas, just didn't seem to come off.  I could do 4 spin classes in a week, and still come out frustrated with the shape of my body. 

Eventually, going to the gym felt like a cumbersome chore.  As work would get more stressful, the more I turned to my vices that I had supposedly "under control".  Soon, it affected my moods and levels of fatigue increased.

Around 18 months ago I met Sandy, she suggested that as my body had been so accustomed to just doing spin classes, it needed variety to challenge it. She suggested resistance training and boxing. 

That Friday morning, I started training. It was a real wake up call, despite considering myself quite active and sporty, I realized Sandy was right.  My body had become so used to the motions and movements of a spin class that when it came to doing different exercises, I became light-headed and slightly nauseous. It didn't take long for me to confirm my next session the following Friday.

Sandy was always mixing the training up - boxing, resistance, strength work.  Every session was full of new and different activities.  Just as I thought I had improved and gotten into "the swing of things", Sandy would introduce a new activity.  Again, my body would feel the challenge.

Then, came the discussion of diet.  Sandy sat me down with a survey and as we went through it in detail, I came to realize what changes needed to be made.   For me, the lesson that I learnt was that I didn't need to take control of my bad eating habits - but to be fully eliminate them.

18 months later, I still think that I have plenty to work on. I believe that maintaining a healthy well-being entails physical, mental and dietary elements.  They all need each other to formulate a healthy, but also a happy person. 

Throughout our trainer/client relationship, Sandy constantly asks me how I'm feeling.  Sandy would always stress that what we were trying to achieve didn't relate back to weight-loss but rather, her questions are focused towards my general well-being.  I now have a better understanding of my body and listening to what it needs (and doesn't need) so that I can be a strong, healthy, resilient and content person."


Euan Thomas

The truth is I was quite sceptical as to how much value I would get from (Personal Training).

My belief prior to starting with Sandy was that as long as I was at the gym myself then it was pretty much the same and I was just saving the expense. The reality is completely different.

Firstly, Sandy was not simply interested in increasing the size of my biceps. Sandy took the time and genuine interest in discussing my lifestyle and my general health. Her consultative approach was at odds to typical trainer's who have simply asked me which area of your body do you want to work on.

Quickly, I discovered through my diet, my approach to food and health, my past history, my current and future lifestyle that Sandy had identified many opportunities for me to improve my overall well being.

Sandy's advice allowed me to make better decisions in my day to day life not simply just my exercise program.

General Health Results.

  • I now have 80-90% more energy than I did before starting with Sandy.
  • I am sleeping the night through and waking up ready for work, not rolling over with exhaustion in the morning.
  • My flexibility has improved significantly and reduced pain and interrupted sleep patterns.
  • My digestion is now regular and my food and liquid intake instep with my goal to lead a more healthy life.
  • My awareness around food types and their effect on my body and behaviour is such that I am in control and getting the best from my food.
  • I enjoy the process, learn and have fun, it is not a process I dread, the work-outs are tailored, never repetitive and challenge me.

Exercise Specific Results.

  • Sandy and I focused on building strength in my knees which were weak and causing pain and restricting my physical activity. I could not run for more than a few minutes without pain in my legs and lower back. My knees have now recovered strength and flexibility to the point where I am pain free on the treadmill, bike and cross trainer.
  • My overall strength and fitness has improved significantly, no longer am I putting my hand up at touch football seeking consistently to be rested and walks up Mount Ainsley in Canberra have gone from being painful and exhausting to simple and enjoyable bush walks with friends. I just feel so much better.
  • My goals were to improve my overall fitness, as you can see from the above, with Sandy's guidance, I have achieved so much more.

Bernard Nasr

Before training with Sandy I had been boxing for about 9 years and constantly battled with my body fat and weight. I'd go on extreme diets and extreme training regimes in order to cut and strip the fat off my body. Unfortunately the high levels of training would only last 3 months at a time before I would burn out. It was not sustainable but the only way I knew how to get into shape. But staying there was my biggest challenge.

Since meeting Sandy, I no longer struggle with keeping the fat off and my energy levels are moderate now, and I never feel depleted after training leaving me feeling awesome and ready to do it again the next day. No longer do I spend hours on end in the gym to get results and with healthy sustainable eating which Sandy has taught me, I am able to achieve better results and have now seen the light through Sandy's teachings, that less truly does equal more.
Thanks for all your help and keep up the great work.
Bernard Nasr

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